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Winding - PROSYS - Prosys Group
Ingénierie et développement de systèmes de production et de contrôle pour les industries mécatroniques Winding
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Historical know-how of the firm, the coil winding technique is an acknowledged core competency of the firm, on which Prosys has been able to build its development over the past 30 years


From our creation, both our engineering and research departments have developed technologies enabling Prosys to position itself as an expert of equipment suitable for all kinds of windings.


Turning spindle, flyer, aligned turns, pilgrim step, orthocyclic winding or coreless wind, we master all winding-related problematics and know how to anticipate the technical constraints our customers face.


Our single or multi spindle winding machines are adapted to each industry specific needs and can be equipped with accessories facilitating particular applications: wire stripping, independent spindles, hot air or thermo-bonding are just a few examples.


Pioneer in the development of electronic winding, Prosys benefits today from the wide range of the market. Mastering this technology makes it possible for our equipment to reach very important productivity rates and to guarantee the successful implementation of our innovative solutions, with the double objective of a perfect quality and a permanent adaptation to the needs and evolutions of the market. 

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