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Ingénierie et développement de systèmes de production et de contrôle pour les industries mécatroniques Culture
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OUr VOCATION: your success

Study your needs. Design and build the production and control solutions that will allow you to stand out from the competition. Guarantee the optimal functioning of the implemented solutions. Train and follow users in the implementation of innovating technologies.

A high sense of implication and involvement enables Prosys to position itself as a partner able to give support to its customers, from definition of technical specification and to engineer solutions that can only be conceived thanks to a well-proven and acknowledged know-how.

A sharp sense of innovation gives Prosys the credit of a sought-after partner, putting advanced engineering competences at our customers’ service, able to challenge technological and financial constraints.

An essential sense of reactivity makes it possible for Prosys to remain at the top of technical evolutions within its technologies and to be able to efficiently answer strategic industrial issues

An inborn sense of availability makes Prosys an appreciated partner, attached to a real proximity, the only guarantee for a truly shared vision and collaborative culture and suitable to develop complex projects.

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