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Our history - PROSYS - Prosys Group
Ingénierie et développement de systèmes de production et de contrôle pour les industries mécatroniques Our history
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Our history


FEstablished in April 1985, Prosys rapidly distinguishes itself through the realization of entirely automatic winding and finishing lines, serving 6 different fields that remain at the heart of our company’s development.

Les Débuts



The 90’s are for Prosys an outstanding growth and development decade.

Innovation, patents, international expansion, strong industrial investments, Prosys many efforts are acknowledged and underlined from 1994. At that time, the company became a leader of the local industry and has been awarded the title “Company of the Year”.

Because of its increasing success on the American market, Prosys decides to expand its activity and to settle in Detroit, at the heart of the US industry.

Prosys Industries Inc, located in Plymouth, Michigan, became fully operational in 1995.

New expansion on Fillinges’ site in 1999.


2000 YEARS

From 2000 to 2003, remarkable realizations in assembling highlight the need to restructure the company to better answer the needs of the market.

The arrival of the new CEO in 2004 is a new start with a new organization adapted to new challenges and to the new strategic analysis.

In 2006, acquisition of new know-hows with 2 external growth operations: ATIA Concept and MS Novaxis, who specialize respectively in plastic welding and vision control.

2007 and 2008 were characterized by strong investments in developing new technologies in winding, welding and vision control.

In 2009 Prosys changes its visual identity and improves its offer with Qualisys.


PROSYS today

Since 2012 Prosys has refocused on its historical activity and core business : winding, welding, assembly, and testing of winded products.

A new set of winding equipment, modular and evolutive, has been developed.

The control software has been revamped for an easier programming.

The performance/cost ratio of our equipment is a major consideration for our design team in order to allow our customers to optimize their investment.


Service support is developing with a presence in Mexico and China.



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