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Integrated software

ProControl is composed of a material solution ProBox and an integrated software suite ProPilot, ensuring driving, production management and supervision of all your equipment in simplicity and conviviality.


the software suite

  • multi lingual software
  • Intuitive program editor
  • Diagnostic tools
  • A supervision interface


base configuration

  • As much as 16 000 lines of program
  • 43 parallel programs
  • intuitive programming by macro instructions in clear text
  • A customizable, touchscreen HMI
  • 1024 input/outputs via CAN OPEN bus or ASI
  • Up to 12 axis motors independent or interpoled
  • communication with the major peripherals available on the market
  • interaction with close or distant users


FLEXIBLE ET evolving

  • adapted to all automation projects, from the simplest to the most complex
  • Functions and tools are optimized for each business
  • up to 50 ProBox coupled with a single interface.
  • Program can be modified in real time during production
  • Diagnosis and supervision tools are integrated
  • Management, saving and exploiting of machine and production data for traceability.


ProControl is accessible to a technician after only a few hours of training.

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